About Us


Empress Crwns by Empress Wears LLC was created based on the philosophy that the royal mindset and abilities of women have transcended generations.  The mindsets and abilities of women have led to their success in music, art, science, business, education, and politics.  We have recognized the greatness that lies within our sisters and we want a visual representation of how we view them and how the world should view them- as the Empresses they truly are!  Being all too familiar with the ups and downs of hair care routines, we set out to develop an idea that could bring style and functionality to women across the world. Countless hours of redesigning, testing, and production led to the creation of Empress Crwns trademark item the “Crwn”.  The Crwn symbolizes the great power that lies within the women of the world and their ability to achieve the impossible in all areas of life.  Empress Crwns will continue to provide women with a place to shop; where their accessory needs will be met but also where they can be empowered and motivated to embrace their greatness and present themselves as an Empress! 

Have you been Crown’d?